Updates for August 1999

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All right!! yay!!! August! Anyway for any of you nostalgics out there, click here to go to my August 1998 updates... my first ever updates page!

Anyway today on Push A Little Harder I put up three new picture of Jason Behr, and I updated the reviews section a little. On Thank U Alanis Morissette I corrected the So Pure/David Letterman lyrics/transcript, and I put up a new RealAudio of the week!


Okay today I got a new address for Push A Little Harder. It can now be accessed from http://jump.easily.to/push [Sorry it doesn't work anymore]

As a result I updated the Credits and Site Map, in addition I put up a new quote, and added a banner on the main page. That's about it!


Today I put up the lyrics to Uninvited and Thank U from The Nobel Peace Prize Winners' Party. I will put up You Learn from Woodstock very soon. That's it today!


Today I put up a banner link to Heaven In Your Eyes, a BSB fan-fic, on the main, Backstreet, and links pages. I also put up the lyrics to You Learn live from Woodstock, updated the Alanis news, and put up a couple of Teen Choice Awards on the Dawson's Creek page.


Today I finished the transcript to the Alanis/Rosie O'Donnell interview. I updated the Backstreet Boys news. I added a useless fact. Finally I put up a new Alanis RealAudio File of the week.

A recent page landmark: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery at 13000


Today I corrected the useless fact I put up yesterday, updated the credits, fixed the old Backstreet Boys lyrics, as well as putting up the We've Got It Goin' On lyrics (thanks A LOT to Michelle Bondy), on the Dawson's Creek pages I put up the fan mail address and Meredith Monroe's Birthday, and finally I made a few corrections on the Alanis & Rosie Interview.


Today I put up a useless fact in that section of Push A Little Harder, I updated the BSB news, and I put up two new quotes.

Page Landmark: Push A Little Harder is now at 6000!


Happy Friday the 13th!!

Today I put up the Teen Choice Award winners on the BSB, Alanis, and Friends pages. I also put up the lyrics to The Perfect Fan on the BSB page.

That's it!


Today I put up a new website of the week!


Today I updated the Credits, fixed an image on the links page, and I overhauled the Alanis lyrics/discography page; just a major adjustment and double-check on it. I also put up the lyrics to Forgiven Live From Tokyo there too.!


Today I put up a new RealAudio file of the week on the Alanis page


Today I took down the link etc. to the new address for Push A Little Harder. It doesn't work, please don't try it anymore. I updated the credits, added a quote and fixed another, added a useless fact, fixed a bunch of Alanis lyrics, added two, and updated the Alanis news. That's it!


Today I made a large number of updates. I updated the Alanis news, and made a couple links to different parts within the lyrics. I updated the Backstreet Boys news, and took down a picture. I changed a link on the links page. I put up the TV Times Readers' Choice Awards on the Friends and X-Files pages, as well as the season premiere dates on Friends, Dawson's Creek, Futurama, and X-Files, as well as a little news item on the DC page. On Push A Little Harder I put up four new pictures of Jason Behr, one of Maureen Flannigan, one of the cast, one of three cast members, one of Eddie Mills, and one of Jaime Pressly, all thanks to Ultimate TV, my new site of the week. I also updated the Push updates, as well as updating some of the news at the top of the main page. Finally, I updated the credits, and put up a September '99 Updates page, which led to updates of the Site Map and Fonts page. And that's it!!! Recent page landmark: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery recently hit 14000


Today I added a useless fact, put up the BSB WB Radio Music Award Nominations. On Push A Little Harder I made a number of updates, too many small ones to list. Some more significant ones include the posting of an article on Maureen Flannigan from Ultimate TV, and the correcting of the Ultimate TV review, I only had half the article! The Maureen Flannigan article resulted in a site map update as well.


Today I put up a new Thank U Alanis Morissette RealAudio file


Today I put a counter on the Maureen Flannigan article, as well as fixing the MIDI. Also I put up the lyrics to Quit Playin Games (With My Heart) and I Wanna Be With You on the BSB site, as well as updating the discography.


Today I put up the Nielson ratings on Push A Little Harder, made a small update to Futurama, updated some cast and crew info on the X-Files and Fight The Future pages, and updated guest star and crew info on Dawson's Creek. I also re-named the Backstreet Boys site, it is now officially called "Flying Into The Millennium", I also made some other small updates on Flying..., as well as updating the site map!


Well it appears I've run out of thing to update. I have entirely completed pretty much all the pages on this site. All Saints lyrics are going to take at least another year, if that ever even happens. Backstreet Boys lyrics are going smoothly. The lyrics to Millennium are now all up!! I put up three more today. Futurama (I made a small update today there too) is as done as it will get (I really don't know what else to put there, I've left a message for people with suggestions to sign the guestbook). Thank U Alanis Morissette is done, Push A Little Harder is done, and everything else is, pretty much, done. I've updated all the TV show pages with guest stars, cast, crew etc... Flying Into The Millennium just needs the lyrics... So I have to say that as of now, I'm done!!
But of course I will be keeping my sites up-to-date. Obviously, with the award nominations, as well as the news sections in Push, Alanis and BSB... and of course I will keep all of the sites updated in these manners... But I'm basically saying there's nothing left to do right now, until something new happens!! Yay!!
Anyway on that note: I updated the Alanis news, put up the rest of the BSB Millennium lyrics, finished the crew list on the X-Files page, made a small update on Futurama, and made a couple extra links to the website of the week
Recent page landmark: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery at 15000!!! (1000 hits in about 6 days!)


Today I put up a new website of the week (Congratulations to alanisandtori.com which received this honour for the second time!)


I corrected a Useless fact today!


All my updates today are on Thank U Alanis Morissette. New RealAudio of the week, a few new MIDI's, and that's about it!!


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